[Glade-users] How to get the object that generated the signal?

I never used Glade to generate C++, so I'm not sure, but on plain C code you'd be talking about the 
lookup_widget (widget, "element") function.

Don't know if it helps you though..

Mike Kordik <Mike Kordik net> schrieb am 26.09.03 05:45:36:

I am new to Glade, GTKMM, GTK+, etc...

I ran glade and create a windows with some labels, text entry objects
and buttons. I also created signals for the buttons and text entry
widgets. I told glade to generate C++ code. To my suprise the names that
I game my widgets in glade were used in the constructor for the main
window but they were not defined in the class itself. Seems like a
waste. The signal handlers for widgets are part of the top level window
but they do not get any information about which object it is handling
the signal for and since the parent _glade class does not have the names
defined in the _glade class, how do you get the object that generated
the signal?


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