[Glade-users] sig_handlers question


i fixed the toolbar problem already. I do have some other questions. For 
example, i have two comboboxes with a button in between which says 'add'
so that the first data gets into the other combobox. So i add a sighandler 
to the button. 

But because i defined a *ptr to window in one of the sighandlers, i cannot
use it in this signalhandler. Should i use it globally? Should i create
just one signalhandler and handle everything myself? Should i rewrite 
the callbacks because it looks so ugly? ;-)

Anyway, can anyone tell me how i would accomplish such a thing? What's the
basic structure for getting data from a textbox the user inputs data or a 
combobox for that matter. I was thinking of using the *window ptr i 
created with GtkWidget in the sense of 
window->table4->combo4=window->table5->combo5; but that doesn't seem to 
work very well, obviously.

Any help, most appreciated.
Kind rgds,

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