[Glade-users] some glade2 beginners questions and a question about gnomedb


I'm new to glade, and this list. I hope you don't mind me asking a few 

First, i designed my application with later sql support, so i decided to
check the box what said gnome-db support, assuming that was for future
db support.

Ofcourse, it needed some more packages, so i swiftly put in my Suse9.0 
cd's, all fine. After the last package, libglade-devel (it just needed all 
the devel packages), i did a make again, and all of a sudden it spurts out 
all kind of error messages. I had to remove the entire directory structure 
(possible because of cache laying around)
and uncheck the gnome-db checkbox to have it work again. Is there some 
known gnome-db problem or is suse9.0 having a problem. I didn't do 
anything special, just default packages supplied.

The other question i have is, i have created a window, with a row/col 
container in it, with nice buttons etc. And i can show it ofcourse. But i 
want it to show in the default gnomewindow i selected! Not create a new 
window! I tried using gtk_show_widget(table1) but ofcourse that wasn't the 
right type probably. 

And, how does one add a extra item in the menubar (the one with the big 
icons ;-)). If i add one from the widgetlist, say after, all i get is a 
black cross with no properties, and it does not help to increase the 
amount of items.

Pffew. I don't want to bore anyone further, so this is where i will quit 
for now. Thanks for any replies.
Kind regards,

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