[Glade-users] Repost: non stock pixmaps not showing

Hi all

The post I copied-pasted below hasn't been answered, as far as I looked 
into the archives... and I am having the exact same pb... Any help is 
greatly appreciated. :)
--fred <chapeaurouge madpenguin org>

Here is the link:

and here is the post:
   I have a glade2 UI with some buttons having stock icons on them and
some of them have some XPM's of my own which are under the pixmap
directory in the directory structure created by glade.

I use libglade to generate the actual UI. After compiling and running I
see the icons which are stock but the ones of my own dont show up.
Opening the UI up in glade shows the pixmap properly.

Does anybody have any idea what I need to do so that the compiled
version also shows my own pixmaps


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