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Alle 18:32, domenica 2 novembre 2003, Samuel Varghese ha scritto:
  Iam new to glade, Where can i get the documents of learning  Glade and
its utilities .. and also the GTK Programming, kindly give me a website.


Both sites have an exaustive "documentation" section. Both GTK and Glade 
supply you the main documentation package with the tar.gz and the RPM used to 
install the software. Have a look inside your /usr/share/doc directory.

Both sites have a link section that will address you to the relevant 
documentation and tutorials that are available on other sites.

Have a look at www.gnome.org , as well.

 And also is there any other s/w utiliity peforms the same function as

There are a couple of programs that are derived from Glade:


Search for them with Google or search their RPM at http://rpmfind.net .

Alessandro Bottoni
alessandrobottoni interfree it

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