[Glade-users] Widget choice, part II

  I went to the API section of the GTK+ Web site and read the description of
the list/tree view widget. I understand the tree view, but I'm not sure if
the list view is the better widget for my contact manager than the combo box
+ text entry pair. 

  If I use the list view, can I have the two columns display
telephone/e-mail information like this:

    Office      123-456-7890
    Fax         123-456-7891
    Mobile      123-654-0987
    E-mail      username domain com
? And, if so, do they all display at once or can they be placed in a combo
box so only one is visible at a time?

  Also, could the list view hold wrapped text in the right-side column,
associated with a single entry in the left-side column? For example:

    2003-06-12  Csdfeiwj eor w. Dxxx xx xpppx weriodf
                owerjii asoeirj \]wlelrkejc oeraeoer.



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