[Glade-users] Widget choice

  As a learning exercise for me, I'm using glade-2 and SQLite to recreate my
contact manager (before heading on to the accounting system). Despite a
bunch of reading, I don't know what widget is appropriate for displaying the
results of a database SELECT: clist, scrolled window or something else.

  The SELECT can produce a list of all names in the database, a report of
contacts scheduled for a particular date (selected with the help of the
calendar widget), or other report criteria. The Main window I designed lists
one record at a time. There is a section where different contact telephone
numbers can be found from a scrolled list of all available for an individual
(using a combo box for the location and a gtk-entry for the number itself)
and a second section that has a contact history by date (again, a combo box
for the date and a gtk-entry for the information associated with that date).

  The gtk+-2 Tutorial didn't help me with selecting the appropriate widget
types. All suggestions are welcome.



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