[Glade-users] Design advice sought

On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 21:01, Rich Shepard wrote:
  I'm creating a contact manager for me. The main screen (window) has a
total of 14 rows and 5 columns. However, while most rows require the five
columns, one row requires six columns, and five rows rquire only two

  Should I create a bunch of separate containers for each type? That is,
should I have a vbox each row of which contains either an hbox or a table?
Or, is it better to have a single vbox with one large table in it?

You could have a table with 14 rows & 5 columns.

For the special rows you can place a hbox in the row and make it span
the entire row, then split that into 2 or 6 columns.


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