[Glade-users] segfault on gnome_app_set_contents

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 22:39, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Le mer 14/05/2003 � 21:33, Damon Chaplin a �crit :
On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 14:32, Xavier Bestel wrote:
I instantiate the GnomeApp, and if I do:
glade_xml_get_widget(glade_xml_new("xav.glade", "dummylabel", NULL),

everything works. But if I replace "dummylabel" with "vbox1", I get a
segfault (pasted at the end of the mail).

You should remove vbox1 from its original position first, before adding
it to the GnomeApp. I'd guess that is causing the problem.

What do you mean by "removing" ? If I understand what's explained here:
glade_xml_new("xav.glade", "vbox1") should only create a widget
hierarchy starting from vbox1.
Or, stated otherwise: why is it working with "dummylabel", or like in
the example in the libglade doc ?

How do I remove vbox1 if it has no parent ? Or perhaps I didn't get the
concept of glade_xml_new() ?

Sorry, I forgot about that.

Anyway, I've had a look at it and it looks like a bug in GTK+.
gtk_viewport_realize() doesn't check if the adjustments have been

You can work around it by turning off the 'Visible' property of 
appwindow. Then after the call to gnome_app_set_contents() call
gtk_widget_show (appwindow);


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