[Glade-users] segfault on gnome_app_set_contents

On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 14:32, Xavier Bestel wrote:

I don't understand why I have a segfault.
My .glade file (attached) has 3 main windows:
- a GnomeApp without content
- a dummy window containing a widget hierarchy in a GtkVBox "vbox1"
- a dummy window containing a simple GtkLabel "dummylabel"

I instantiate the GnomeApp, and if I do:
glade_xml_get_widget(glade_xml_new("xav.glade", "dummylabel", NULL),

everything works. But if I replace "dummylabel" with "vbox1", I get a
segfault (pasted at the end of the mail).

I don't understand why the GtkVBox causes a segfault. Is there something
special to do to the hierarchy ?

You should remove vbox1 from its original position first, before adding
it to the GnomeApp. I'd guess that is causing the problem.


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