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* Rikke D. Giles (rgiles telebyte com) wrote:
Hey all,
Recently I gave a tutorial/lecture on Glade2 at the Northwest Linux=20
Fest http://www.linuxnorthwest.com/ .

I was there. I wanted to go to that tutorial but got conflicts with
something else that came up. Oh well.

I wrote up my tutorial, it's on Glade2, and it's now at KPLUG's=20
website.  Check it out at

Thanks a heap for making this available to the masses. We need more.

I am working on a big project about developing with glade and gtk2,=20
essentially taking several applications from start to finish, showing=20
what is needed in each with detailed references to the different gtk=20
functions, glade functions, etc etc.  In other words, it's not just=20
building the interface, but doing the actual backend coding.  I hope to=
have that done in a bit, and hope it's useful for people :).

I'm trying to get a book off the ground on developing Open Source apps
with Anjuta and Glade.

 .''`.      Carl B. Constantine
: :' :     duckwing duckwing ca
`. `'    GnuPG: 135F FC30 7A02 B0EB 61DB  34E3 3AF1 DC6C 9F7A 3FF8
  `-  Debian GNU/Linux -- The power of freedom

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