[Glade-users] How to use libglade

Oops, sorry, I didnt answer your second question.

the answer is that in glade, you'll notice in a windows or widgets
options a button called "Visible" if you set that to true, it'll display
from the moment your app comes online, if you set it to false, you're
widget is invisible, which is exactly what you want your About dialog to

So, select your about dialog window, set it's visible property to false
and when you run your app, it should be invisible until you show it.

Also, if you had read the libglade manual most of this would be obvious,
I'm helping you cause someone did this once for me and it helped me a
lot, especially when it came to learning more and gaining that critical
mass of knowledge I needed to learn for myself.  So get the libglade
manual and read it, you'll find how stupid you look and it'll do you no
end of good.  Thats what happened with me, it'll happen to you to.



On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 04:31, Cletus Lichte wrote:
Hello all,

I've designed an interface with a GtkTreeView and a toolbar and a 
dialog window for an about dialog.  I saved the file and I'm using 
Anjuta-HEAD to code in.  Everything compiles and runs just fine but I 
have 2 questions about programming with libglade.

1.  How do I access the GtkTreeView in code?  What I mean is, there are 
only a couple lines of code to get the program to run when I use 
libglade but there are no headings in the tree view and no way to set 
them in the Glade interface builder.  So how do I make changes to the 
GtkTreeView?  Do I have to change the XML file or is there way to 
access widgets with code?  As you can tell, this is my first time with 
Glade and libglade so if someone can point me to a web page or a 
project that uses libglade I'd appreciate it.  Maybe I should just have 
glade generate the code so that I can learn, but I keep reading that 
the next version of glade will not have the code generation so I'm 
trying to learn libglade.  I've read everything that comes with glade 
and libglade and Anjuta but I don't find anything beyond how to get a 
libglade file to compile and run.

2.  When I start the program, the dialog box *always* starts with the 
program instead of only when I click the "About" button. When I cancel 
the dialog and click on the "About" button, it works just fine but how 
do I get it to not start up when I run the program?

Thanks for any pointers or files/web sites that anyone can direct me to.
kosh <evil_kosh_uk yahoo co uk>

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