[Glade-users] Strange Frame problem (-2)

Hi all...

I have used Glade several times before, and wanted to install Glade-2 now.

To try it out, I redefined a GUI for a program I did a while ago. It has
a vbox, with three panels. In two of them is a frame, the third has a
fixed container. (Just to be sure, I did the project from scratch)

In the center panel, I defined the height but not the width, hoping, as it
is disabled, that it would adjust automatically. At runtime, I get the
following error:

(addr:9403): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkwidget.c: line 5139
(gtk_widget_set_size_request): assertion `width >= -1' failed

(I followed the program with gdb, and surely, the requested width is -2.
That's also how it is defined in interface.c)

When running the program, it is as if the height (which _is_ defined) is
not taken into account, and the frame takes just the vertical size
necessary to show the elements inside, not the size I requested. The width
does adjust automatically.

Sorry if this is documented somewhere - I couldn't find any reference to
this problem.


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