[Glade-users] RE: Glade and Python. Newbie needs help to access widget and hide windows.

Tyson Lloyd Thwaites wrote:

1) You should be able to use the generic documentation for libglade. I know
nothing about PyGTK, but in libglade the function glade_xml_get_widget  will
do what you want. See

Thanks.  You gave me the kick I needed.  I also suddenly thought to simply do 
a "rpm -ql pygtk" and found the list of all .py files comming with the 
package.  By looking into them, I can see the API from a Python point of vue.

2) In libglade you typically make all your top-level windows invisible, and
then manully call gtk_widget_show() when you want to display them. This is
also in the above documentation.

I found the problem.  By default, all windows have their "Visible" attribute 
set on.  I disabled them all except for the main window.

Thanks for the help.
Hans Deragon
Deragon Informatique inc.         Open source:
http://www.deragon.biz            http://swtmvcwrapper.sourceforge.net
mailto://hans deragon biz         http://autopoweroff.sourceforge.net

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