[Glade-users] Re: upgrading project from 0.5.9

A suggestion to use libglade-convert was very helpful. However I find that
after install of 2.0.0 the libglade-convert produces an xml file with
'GTK-Interface' tags, so 2.0.0 complains that it is not 'glade-interface'.

libglade-convert --help does not indicate any options for producing a glade
as opposed to GTK interface. I am wondering if my libglade-convert is the
residual from my previous 1.1.3 installation? It is dated Feb 14, 2003. A
search of the 2.0.0 install files does not reveal a new libglade-convert.

This is no big worry, the project is reasonably small, however am still
interested in the process.

Thanks for all suggestions.

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