[Glade-users] undefined references...

  gkd i son the GTK package. 

  Please, copy and paste the full gcc argument. Make sure it moints to your
installation path.

  Another thing: If I were you, I would not do anything on gtk1.2, since it
will be obsolete in a few hours ??


--- Imtiaz ur rahaman M <imtiaz cse iitk ac in> wrote:

I get the following when "make" is done. When I link the gthread library, 
the first error goes off. But I dont know where the second function 
gdk_threads_init is defined.

error1: undefined reference to `g_thread_init'
error2: undefined reference to `gdk_threads_init'

Can anyone please tell me the header files & the libraries to be linked 
with the application, mainly for the second error.

I have gtk+ 1.2 installed by RedHat7.3.

Thanks in advance,

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