[Glade-users] while designing in glade! is it possible to do undo?

There is no 'undo' button in Glade, but there are a few things you might try
as you are working with Glade:

1.  Save your work as you do it, instead of when you are done.  Glade saves
your current work in an XML file called <project_name>.glade, but instead of
removing your previous work it moves that file to <project_name>.glade.bak.
This way you have three different levels of progress.  If you screw up while
using glade, you can exit glade without saving your work and go back to the
last time you saved.  If you screwed up while using glade and have since
saved your work, you can still go back to the previous time you pressed the
'save' button.

2.  Use the widget tree.  Under the 'view' pulldown menu, select the widget
tree.  From this tree you can select individual widgets/groups of widgets to
delete(right click).  This is generally how I correct errors I make.

Hope this helps,

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Hi All, 
      Is it possible to undo the last change 
while designing GUI in glade?, I didn't find
anything like that, just curious!, if it is
possible let me know.



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