[Glade-users] merging trees


I made a .glade file with 2 windows. I instantiate one of the windows
(an empty GnomeApp widget) using glade_xml_get_widget(glade_xml_new()),
then I instantiate a widget from the second window. When I try to add
the widget to the 1st window (with gnome_app_set_contents()), I get a
segfault. Is there something special to do beforehand ? Is it at all
possible ?

glade file contains appwindow and dummy_window which contains main_table

I do
        appwindow = glade_xml_get_widget(glade_xml_new("xav.glade", "appwindow", NULL), "appwindow");
        project->xml = glade_xml_new("xav.glade", "main_table", NULL);
        project->main_table = glade_xml_get_widget(project->xml, "main_table");

        gnome_app_set_contents(GNOME_APP(appwindow), project->main_table);

Kaboom !


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