[Glade-users] File Selection Widget

On Mon, 2001-09-03 at 03:06, yannis1976 wrote:
    I'm new in glade and gtk programming, I'm writing a small 
    program with glade and I need some help.. 
    I have managed to add the file selection widget in the program 
    and it pops up when I press the open button (using callbacks). 
    Then I choose a file by double clicking (or pressing OK) and 
    -of course- nothing happens... Can someone tell me how do I 
    "catch" the event that a file was selected and which file was it? 
    I believe this must be something simple, waiting for your 
    valuable help. 
    p.s.: is there any tutorial so newbies like me would not bother 
    the list with such silly questions? 
There is a simple text editor application included in the Glade
tarball that does this, so you could read that code.

See the FAQ on http://glade.gnome.org


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