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I'm a newbie too, but...

here is some code I use for my program.  I tried to cut the parts that 
you didn't need.


static void
FileDlgOpenBiOK     ( GtkButton * button, gpointer data )
    FILE *fp;
    SelectedFile = gtk_file_selection_get_filename ( GTK_FILE_SELECTION 
( data ) );

     if ( (fp = fopen(SelectedFile, "r+b")) == NULL)
         fprintf(stderr, "Error opening file %s.", SelectedFile);
    fread(C.gInfo.characterName, sizeof(C.gInfo.characterName), 1, fp);


    gtk_widget_destroy ( GTK_WIDGET ( data ) );

on_open_character_click                (GtkMenuItem     *menuitem,
                                        gpointer         user_data)
   GtkWidget * filedlg;

   /* Load up the file dialog */

   filedlg = gtk_file_selection_new("Open character");

   gtk_signal_connect ( GTK_OBJECT ( GTK_FILE_SELECTION ( filedlg ) -> 
ok_button ),
      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC ( FileDlgOpenBiOK ),
      filedlg );

   /* Connect the file dialog's CANCEL button up to a handler */
   gtk_signal_connect ( GTK_OBJECT ( GTK_FILE_SELECTION ( filedlg ) -> 
cancel_button ),
      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC ( FileDlgCancel ),
      filedlg );

   /* Set the dialog up to only show source files */
   gtk_file_selection_complete ( GTK_FILE_SELECTION ( filedlg ), "*" );

   /* Show the dialog */
   gtk_window_set_modal ( GTK_WINDOW ( filedlg ), TRUE );
   gtk_widget_show ( filedlg );


If this doesn't help and you are writing this in C and you could send me 
a .tar of the project and I'll look at it.


yannis1976 wrote:

I'm new in glade and gtk programming, I'm writing a small
program with glade and I need some help..
I have managed to add the file selection widget in the program
and it pops up when I press the open button (using callbacks).
Then I choose a file by double clicking (or pressing OK) and
-of course- nothing happens... Can someone tell me how do I
"catch" the event that a file was selected and which file was it?
I believe this must be something simple, waiting for your
valuable help.

p.s.: is there any tutorial so newbies like me would not bother
the list with such silly questions?



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