[Glade-users] Holding the pointer of window

Use a function supplied by Glade in file support.c : lookup_widget, the
1st parameter is the parent widget and 2nd parameter is a string with
the name of your child widget, the return is a GtkWidget pointer to your
child widget and you can manipulate this widget.

When you build a Glade application the file support.c is placed in src

Good lucky


Flavio Alberto

Axel Rueweler wrote:


I did a frontend for a tool with glade. Now I have to write the backend,
and there is one Problem. I want to write from a Dialog or a function
into the mainwindow.
Yes, I read the Glade-FAQ and tried the gtl_object_[set|get]_data
funktions. But I have got problems to pass the pointer to a new window,
because the create_funktions for the widgets are void.


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