[Glade-users] About box and menu item.

Shivdeep Krishnan wrote:

Dear Friend,

Thanks for your help. I finally got through with the radiobuttons. I had stupidly overlooked the simple 
solution. Thanks a lot.

I had created a Gnome dialog box and want to display it on the "activate" of the menuitem "mnu_about"; I 
gave in the create_about1() :

 gtk_signal_connect_object (GTK_OBJECT (mnu_help_menu_uiinfo[2].widget), "activate",
                             GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (on_mnu_about_activate),
                             GTK_OBJECT (about1));


But it is diplayed only once when the menuitem is activated. After that I just get errors. Please help me.

Are you creating the dialog each time on_mnu_about_activate() is called?
That is probably best for About dialogs.

The dialog is probably being destroyed wheh it is closed, so you can't
show it again.


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