[Glade-users] signals with GtkOptionMenu's

        Hey all,

        I have spent quite a few hours trying to figure this out on my own
with no luck, so I hope you will forgive me if this is a frequently asked
question ...

        I am creating GtkOptionMenu's with glade and I would like to
detect which menu option is currently selected.  The only way I have
successfully been able to do this is to attach a signal to each menu
option which calls a signal handler and states which menu option has been
        However, glade doesn't seem to have support for this method of
determining the current selected object.  When I specify a signal in the
Property Editor, it wants to create one signal for the entire
GtkObjectMenu instead of each
individual menu option.
        So my question is, how can I detect the currently selected menu
object using glade's method?  I could manually rewrite all the source but
I am using quite a few GtkObjectMenu's and that would almost defeat the
entire purpose of using glade  ...


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