[Glade-users] Glade and Perl

Running what glade2perl generates is easy.  If you read
the code it generates, you can execute basically any window
using the app_run procedure that it generates and go from there.
For example:

perl -e 'use src::yourgeneratedmodulename; fred->app_run'

that would work if your .pm file generated was called
'yourgeneratedmodulename' in the src subdirectory 
and you had a window called 'fred'
in it.

have fun,


Conan Heiselt wrote:

I have been playing around with Glade for the
last little while, but I can't figure out how
exactly to integrate the code Glade outputs with
my Perl code.

Does anyone have any good links or tutorials?  I
am currently going through the gtk-perl tutorial
but I still haven't found the "missing link."

I guess my biggest problem is that I'm not sure
how to run what's created by Glade.  If I could
find even a really simple example of Perl code
made by Glade, then altered to do something, I'm
sure I'd get it.



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