[Glade-users] How to get to the label field of a button

Ed Winchester wrote:

Hi again, all,

I've been trying to get my glade-generated app to compile.  I know, from
something I read, but can't remember where, that Glade itself will not
generate code to change the label for a button.  I remember seeing
somewhere an example, but can't for the life of me remember where I read

What I tried last was:
    gtk_label_set_text (GTK_LABEL(button->label),"New button label");

I got the error:
    structure has no member named `label'

A GtkButton is a subclass of GtkBin, which only has one child widget.

So to get the label you use:

 GTK_BIN (button)->child

To set the label you can do:

   gtk_label_set_text (GTK_LABEL (GTK_BIN (button)->child), "New button label");


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