[Glade-users] Compile problems

OK, I finally got up the nerve to try compiling this thing.  I have a
fairly complicated user interface designed with Glade.  I wanted to
first try to compile only what it gave me automatically, before I ruined
it.  I did the following:

Clicked the button "Build" on the Glade toolbar.
opened a terminal window, and moved to the base directory of the project
    where project.glade is located.
typed "sh autogen.sh",  this resulted in a lot of stuff going by on the
screen, and ended with several lines creating a bunch of makefiles in
each subdirectory, and the last line "Now type `'make` to compile the

typed "make".
several screenfulls of compiling stuff scrolled past, ending with the
following error 24 times when compiling interface.c:
"interface.c:1245: passing arg 4 of `gtk_signal_connect' makes pointer
from integer without a cast"

this line in the Glade generated interface.c is:
"gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (my_widget_1), "clicked",
GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (on_widget_clicked), 1"

My application has several places where I have a related group of
widgets, such as GtkEntry.  I had hoped to get all the pointers to these
widgets and keep them in an array, and have each of them signal a common
routine, with the data element indicating which element of the array was
activated.  Did I do something wrong here, or did Glade?


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