[Glade-users] How to get user data specified in signals page?

I want to get user data in callback function when menu-item is selected. 
And so,I made sub-menu item by glade 0.5.9, and specified a date in signals page of Properties.(The date was 
in the list box of signals page.)  
But I can't get user date in callback function - I always get 0 .
And the code of interface.c is this,

tatic GnomeUIInfo area_menu_uiinfo[] =
    GNOME_APP_UI_ITEM, N_("adjust"),
    on_adjust_area_activate, NULL, NULL,
    0, 0, NULL

Please could you teach me how I get user data specified in signals page?
Thanks you

May 7 2001
Hirosi Yosizawa <yosizawa cij co jp>

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