[Glade-users] please give me a hand?

Alex Damiani wrote:

Hi, I am new to this, as I said in the previous mail, so please bear
with me...
I found a nice tutorial on gtk on the Web, very well explained as far as
widgets go, but my question is about the language itself, now...
I have a C/C++ background, and I was trying to concatenate some strings,
and realized that neither strcat or strncat (which what I was used to in
C) would work... Let alone for String1+String2, which is what I did in
Could someone help me out with this, and also, where would I find help
and docs about such matters? About gtk basic syntax and data type

on http://developer.gnome.org in the GLib API documentation section.
GLib has some string utility functions like g_strconcat(), and also a
GString data type which is also pretty useful.


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