[Glade-users] Glade segfault when selecting

greg kurzawa b bayer com wrote:
Well, as much as I hate to admit it, a reboot fixed the problem.
I feel dirty.

I know how you feel.

Next time it happens, gather some more information.  If you can get a
core dump, that would be good, but you need to be able to run gdb
against an unstripped binary and libraries to figure out what the cause

% gdb `which glade` core
gdb> bt

If you cannot get a core dump, use strace to capture a trace of system
calls to see if it is related to some configuration setting, file or
environment variable.

% strace -f -o glade.log glade

This will give you an enourmous amount of data, which you will have to
sift through from the bottom up to try to figure out what the cause was.
An example I had once was a mistake in /etc/nsswitch.conf that was
causing host resolution to try NIS when NIS wasn't available.  The
calling code wasn't able to handle the strange return from
gethostbyname() and caused a segmentation fault.

James Cameron                                      (cameron stl dec com)

"Did I ask for fries?"

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