[Glade-users] libglade - connecting signals

Dean Schumacher wrote:


Thanks for the info. I was wondering whether this might have
something to do with gmodule because I read something about
that in the Libglade Reference Manual.

However, the little sample program that I'm using is really
just C code compiled with a C++ compiler because I was trying
to demonstrate that I could use Libglade with C++. If I compile
it with a C compiler I still have the same problem. So I'm
left where I started.

BTW, do you know where I could look to get some info on
how to add C++ name-mangling support to gmodule? This
doesn't sound very trivial.

It isn't.  I have a recently published book on "Linkers and Loaders"
which contains a discussion, and includes some of the details.  I'm not
entirely sure you can provide generic C++ name manging support, as from
the description they gave it dosn't sound like all the details are
standardised (templates etc. Are a major problem here).  But I would
probably be looking to the g++ team maybe they have some doco' on how
g++ does it, which might be adequate for a start.


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