[Glade-users] clist problems

I'm setting up an application that have a  GtkClist and a button above the 
GtkCList.  When the button is clicked it signals a dialog window.  The dialog 
window has 2 GtkClist.  One has a list of 'items' for the user to select, the 
other have a list of items the user HAS selected, if any.  When the user hits 
the 'apply' or 'okay' button, the selected list will then be added to the 
origanal GtkCList.  At least it would if I didn't have these problems!

The problem(s) 
1. getting the 'items' in the dialog clist for the user to choice from.
2. put those selected items into the new 'selected' CList.

I can get the first to to work without glade, but second I cannot get at all.

any help?


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