[Glade-users] Re: [glade--] glademm & GnomeCanvas

Damon Chaplin wrote:

There is a list specifically for glademm now. Go to:


I've cc'ed that list.


Richard F Weber wrote:

I've checked through the archives, but couldn't seem to find anything
that really related to this topic.

I'm trying to create an application in C++ with Glade using glademm (or
glade--) to convert the .glade file to C++.  Everything works great,
except for converting the Gnome::Canvas.  glade-- doesn't recognize
Gnome::Canvas at all, and turns it into a Gtk::Label object.  I've tried
mucking with the generated code, but there's some general weirdness
going on that's preventing me from easily getting that code working.

So I guess my question is:  How do I get the Gnome::Canvas object to get
built into my sourcecode with (or without) glade--?  Should I just
create a separate class & integrate it separately, or use another widget?

Without glade--: just create the widget yourself and add it to the appropriate
container. Glade-- does not yet support gnome canvas since nobody has
programmed it so far.

If you want to do it (should be a matter of max. half a day to figure it out),
update to the latest cvs source (see README for instructions). You should find
a Writer.html in the docs dir which describes the position of the functions
you have to write. Then take a simple example e.g. preview.cc and extend it by
looking into other writers. If there are any questions feel free to ask here.
Simply add your .cc file to Makefile.am and it should fly.

BTW:  I'd like to use the Gnome::Canvas since I'm going to be drawing
rectangles & text as part of a GUI design/Drawing application.  Thanks.


PS: I'm busy on gnome_something (perhaps property-dialog) which crashes due to
obscure reasons.

And yes, I should release soon now.

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