[Glade-users] glademm & GnomeCanvas

There is a list specifically for glademm now. Go to:


I've cc'ed that list.


Richard F Weber wrote:

I've checked through the archives, but couldn't seem to find anything
that really related to this topic.

I'm trying to create an application in C++ with Glade using glademm (or
glade--) to convert the .glade file to C++.  Everything works great,
except for converting the Gnome::Canvas.  glade-- doesn't recognize
Gnome::Canvas at all, and turns it into a Gtk::Label object.  I've tried
mucking with the generated code, but there's some general weirdness
going on that's preventing me from easily getting that code working.

So I guess my question is:  How do I get the Gnome::Canvas object to get
built into my sourcecode with (or without) glade--?  Should I just
create a separate class & integrate it separately, or use another widget?

BTW:  I'd like to use the Gnome::Canvas since I'm going to be drawing
rectangles & text as part of a GUI design/Drawing application.  Thanks.


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