[Glade-users] Including header files in Glade

I have just downloaded Glade and am building a quick text editor to
get accustomed to the tool. I made a main editor window with a toolbar
that has FILE-->New File...  and I added a File Selection Dialog to
the project. Everything compiles fine until I try to include the
FileSelection.hh file to the mainEditor.cc file in order to create a
pointer to the File Selection class. When I try to compile this I get
the following error message

mainEditWin.o: In function `mainEditWin::on_FileMenu_activate(void)':
~/Projects/project2/src/mainEditWin.cc:20: undefined reference to
`fileSelection_glade type_info node'

The curious thing to me is that I haven't added any code to
on_FileMenu_activate(), I just added the header file.

Any suggestions on why I am getting this type of error?

-- j

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