[Glade-users] Pixmaps read from /<package-name>

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Damon Chaplin wrote:

You want to be able to run the app without installing it?

Basically, yes.

I think that works for GTK+ apps. But I couldn't do this for GNOME,
since it uses internal functions to find certain pixmaps.

It does work for GTK+ apps and I haven't tried any with GNOME functions
that load pixmaps.

You may be able to hack around this by setting GNOMEDIR to something
like ~/gnome, then creating a ~/gnome/share/pixmaps directory, and adding
a link in there to your project's pixmaps directory,
e.g. ~/gnome/share/pixmaps/project1 -> ~/Projects/project1/pixmaps

Perfect, it works for me too.  Thanks.

Matt McParland                                  matt engsoc org

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