[Glade-users] how to display images?

Hi Franz,

I a rookie too, but here's my input anyway.  

I've successfully have gotten GtkPixmap to work and GnomePixmapEntry.  The 
GnomePixmapEntry was the easies, i.e. worked as expected, but the GtkPixmap 
gave me some problems.  I used a XMP file by-the-way.  Anyway, I told Glade 
where the XMP was and it showed up in glade just fine.  After compiling and 
running the program, the image wasn't there.  I ran the prgram from a command 
line and it showed an error, couldn't find the file in some location.  This 
wasn't the location I told Glade I wanted it to look.  I never could get it 
to look were I wanted it to.  Y\You know waht they say, if you cannot beat'em 
join'em. I moved the file to where it was looking and it worked.

Don't know if that helps you, but good luck,


On Tuesday 17 July 2001 00:41, f parzefall multitest de wrote:
I'm quite new to glade and this may be a stupid question, but I searched
anything I could find and did�t find an answer:

I have a picture from a frame grabber and want to display it. How do
I do this?
I tried quite a lot but the only thing I managed to do was displaying
a gdk-bitmap generated with gdk_image_new_bitmap() with gtk_set_image()
in a GtkImage widget. But since a bitmap is just black and white this
was not quite what I wanted. All the other things I tried like the
draw and rgb functions required a Gdk-graphics-context I didn't know
where to get from.
Can anyone tell me how to solve this or point me where I find a solution?

Franz Parzefall

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