[Glade-users] Spinbutton Max Value/GtkToolbars

The program I'm working on now using spin buttons.  I have 4 one is set to 27 
and the others are set to max out at 20.  The only silly misake, if that is 
it could be if after you change you don't save, build afer the changes.  I 
guess you might need to revert to saved on any files you weere editing after 
and had opened like the callback.c, but I don't think that would effect it.  
You got me, I don't have any answers, but I do know you can set the spin 
values lower than 100.  I'm using Glade 5.11.


On Friday 13 July 2001 02:05, you wrote:
The max value entry on the GtkSpinButton properties dialog does not seem
to want to hold a value different from 100.  I can enter a greater
value, but it is not saved, and if I go to another widget and return,
the value changed back to 100.  Is this a known bug, or am making a
silly mistake?

Another problem I'm having is that setting a toolbar to ICONS_ONLY (in
properties) does not seem to be being honored.  It is written correctly
to the xml file, so I suppose the proble actually belongs to either
libglade or gtk, but I thought I'd check here.

Finally, how do you insert a space/seperator into a toolbar?

Thanks in advance,

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