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I'm at work so I don't have all the facts.  If you add a second task bar/menu panel
say on the top or use the current panel, install a blank applet, add the path to
Glade, and change the icon to Glade.  There is a Glade icon in /usr/share .xpm (not
sure of the directories or the extension) that you can use.

If you need further detail info, email and I'll get the info from home and send it
to you.  Good luck.

PS: I'm assuming you're using GNOME ver. 1.0 or greater.

Damon Chaplin wrote:

Alex Cruz wrote:

 Hi All,

Two Part Question:

1) Can someone point me to a tutorial URL (if one exists).

There is a FAQ on http://glade.gnome.org
(A tutorial is included with Glade, but only shown in the Gnome version.)

2) Does Glade have the ability to assign a mini-icon that can be displayed in
the Gnome Tasklist or is that done at the window manager level? And if the
wm, where can I find documentation on how to do it?

Glade can't do it.

gdk_window_set_icon() may be what you want.


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