[Glade-users] Standard set of pixmap files?

Dean Schumacher wrote:

Thanks for the info. I have not yet been successful in getting
gnome-libs to build on my Solaris platform (which is very
frustrating). First it couldn't find libz (which I located on
the web somewhere), and now it can't find libdb1, which I haven't
been able to find anywhere.

However, I did find a Linux machine with Glade, which has the
Gnome libraries already installed on it. There are a whole bunch
of pixmap files there, but they seem to be very specific to certain
applications. I was expecting to find some standard pixmaps that
you would normally see in an editor or word processor, such as
Open, Save, Cut, Paste, etc. Do you know where I can find these?

If you have the gnome-libs code, the stock images are mostly in


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