[Glade-users] pb w/ repaint

On Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 02:37:27PM +1100, James Cameron wrote:

Can you give me the hierarchy of widgets please?

Hiding a widget with children should make the children hide too.


In fact I hide de window when the handlebox is dettached 
and this hide control_artist_label only !! when I updated it. 
Is there a way to fix that ? 

You should really change your design so that the mp3 process tells your
GUI when the SONG_INFO changes, rather than your GUI having to keep
asking the mp3 player.

Yes but I can't because the mp3 process is a rpc .. and rpc isn't
really event oriented designed .. so .. I'm looking for a way to use 
a SOAP protocol w/ bidirectional patch to achieve that .. but right
now the only way I have is to call a callback every sec to ask the 
current status . 


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