[Glade-users] pb w/ repaint

I have a small pb 

I have a app that display some random text
in a GtkLabel contained in a handlebox. 
I have had a gtk_timeout .. to make the refresh 

And the refresh of the label is done by this 
(called w/ the timeout add) 
refresh_control_panel                    (GtkWidget       *widget)

    gchar  *answer;
    GtkWidget *control_artist_label;

    answer = mp3sb_send("SONG_INFO");

    control_artist_label = lookup_widget(GTK_WIDGET(widget),"control_artist_label");
    gtk_label_set(GTK_LABEL(control_artist_label), answer);

    gtk_widget_draw (control_artist_label, NULL);

    return 1;

All works fine except when my widget used to call the lookup is 
hide. When this is hide .. a change of the answer string 
make the label hide too .. without any message 

I have ever read pb w/ this kind of refresh put
I only need a repaint per sec .. not to much . 

Another question : 
How can I resize my handlebox .. the size depend of the 
size of this label 

Some one can help .? 


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