[Glade-users] libglade and Windows

Bernd Hornb�ck wrote:

Hi there,

I'n not really sure, if this question isn't going to be a little
bit O.T., but I haven't found an own libglade mailinglist,
so I'll give it a try in this one.

I use libglade in one of my programs that I crosscompile
for Linux and Windows (NT, 2000).
I use the libglade-0.15 source with a slightly modified
glade/makefile.mingw in the source-tree and
i386-mingw32-gcc to compile it.
The problem is, that the function
glade_xml_signal_connect_data doesn't work
in the glade.dll for Windows.

Has anybody ever had the same problem or is any-
one using libglade (glade.dll) for Windows ?

I haven't heard of many people using libglade on Windows.

I've cc'ed James, the author of libglade, in case he know what the
problem is.


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