[Glade-users] FW: Help me figure out this warning

For Gnome applications you have to install the application before
running it. If you do that, it should find the pixmaps OK.


On Thu, 2001-08-23 at 16:43, Huang, Mike wrote:
I figured out the problem. Looking in Makefile, I saw the program looking in
/usr/share/pixmaps/<project dir> for the xpm file. So I created the project
dir and cp xpm in. The xmp is got loaded after execution. Is this a bug for
not automatically creating those?

Mike Huang

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I got a warning: Couldn't find pixmap file: <project directory
name>/<pixmap file name> after execution of the application. The image is
not loaded in at this execution stage but O.K. with design stage. I
checked the project dir., and it has the file so does the pixmaps dir.   ?

Mike Huang

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