[Glade-users] glade-perl-gtk: widgets on a second window

dear glade-users,

i was verry glad after successfully trying out the advice of the faq:
www.gladeperl.connectfree.co.uk/faq concerning the access of widgets and
their values using the $form-var delivered by the handler-skeleton. the
described way,
(e.g. my $val = $form->{'entry1'}->get_text;) works only if the
eventhandling widget (e.g. a button) and the accessed widget are in the
same window "app1" ...

but i did not understand the suggetions, hw to get a button working in a
similar way on a app2-window, invoked by some handler on app1- for
example: i call for some reason an app2-window out of the app1-window ::
how can i close this by a button on app2 and button-clicked-event? how
can i access widgets and values on app2 ...

is there any sample code, in whitch i can recognize the relationships to
my question? are there any simple answers?

thanks fo any hint

kind regards


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