[Glade-users] Glade projects 4 Windows

Hi ......

Since there was some interest in my message that Glade projects would 
easily port to windows, I have set up the complete directory structure 
with all the files needed and zipped it into a windows zipfile.  It is nearly 
10 meg, so I'm not willing to e-mail it to lots of addresses, but if there is 
an ftp upload site I can send it to, it can be available to anybody who 
wants it.  I have tried it on a maching with no programming stuff - only 
Windows 98, as well as on my own machine, so I don't think you'll need 
any libraries that are not packed in with the rest of the stuff.  It uses GCC 
and includes the windows port of GDB as well, and also the Jam make 
utility (better than make!).

I have made it so you simply use Winzip to unzip the whole thing onto a 
Windows (win386) machine including the directory structure.  You then 
have to set the PATH environment variable to search the BIN and DLLS 
directories, and you can compile the editor example using Jam with no 
modifications whatsoever to the C files and headers supplied as part of 
Glade.  It also compiles stuff that I've written using Glade, and so it 
should cope with anything that doesn't use the Gnome extensions (or 
Gnome picture buttons).

If you would like it, I'll upload it.



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