[Glade-users] GTK+ and Memory...

Keith Minkler wrote:

Can someone point me to a reference document on how GTK+ uses memory..
I've noticed that some things I cannot free after handing them to GTK+,
and some things I can.. I can't recall offhand which was which, but I
have crashed my application numerous times trying to free something that
I thought was "my" memory, not GTK's.. for example, setting a text entry
to some data, or a list.. when does GTK store a copy of the string I give
it, and when does it use that string?  From my experience, it doesn't seem
to be consistant, so I've not been freeing anything, which means I'm leaking =]

In general GTK+ copies all strings you pass to it.
Also, the API documentation should tell you if you need to free any

Though there are exceptions, so I usually check by reading the source



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