[Glade-users] Portability .......

Hi ........

Having almost got over the initial excitement about how very easy it is to 
make a really smart front end with no code writing at all, I've now 
discovered something equally exciting.  It is no trouble at all to port the 
code produced by Glade to run under Windows.  The GTK+ libraries are 
available as pre-compiled dll's together with modified headers, and stubs. 
Everything you need can be downloaded from: 
http://user.sgic.fi/~tml/gimp/win32/ and installed under Windows 
including the windows ports of gcc and its adjuncts.

You have to work out how to put the header files in appropriate 
directories and how to use the 'stubs', but all is provided, and you only 
need to write your own makefile to get it up and running using the 
windows port of gcc and the mingwin windows stuff that goes with it.

If no one has done so, I could write the details down and make them 
available for the Glade site.

Thanks again for a brilliant front end machine!



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