[Glade-users] Re: Signals for spinbuttons

I use spinbuttons in my program and I have already configured it to get
value of the spinbuttons if I use it.
But I don't know to do to get value if I directly edit number and press
return. Wich signal do I have to use?

Model-View-Control. If your program dealt with the GtkAdjustments
associated with the spin buttons rather than the spin buttons
themselves, then you can always get teh value of the spin buttons no
matter which way the value was entered. The signal is, thus,

Other things, if I changed values in a second window, close this window
and reopen it, it takes default values.
Is it a way to update default values ?

Again, Model-View-Control. When values in that window changed, update
your model with the new values. When the window is closed, the
spinbuttons and the rest of your view is destroyed, but your model
remains intact. When another window is open, update the spinbuttons and
the rest of your view from your stored model.

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