[Glade-users] Drawing Area


I would like put use a drawing area in my program, so I add an drawing
area 400*400 with Glade in my project.

I would like to divise this drawing area into small squares of 4*4 and
each square will have one of these two colors: red or blue. To see, wich
square must be blue or must be red, I read into a variable called
matrice[i][j][k] where 1<i,j,k<100. This variable take two values +1
wich would appears in blue and -1 wich would appears in red. So if I
choose myself a value for k, I can go through the value of i and j to
see wich square is red or blue.

Could someone explain how to program this ?

Thanks you

Valery Avaux

NB I have only a few knowledge og programming in C and with Glade

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