[Glade-users] stupid beginners questions

Here is some stuff that helped me:

in the gtk-perl distribution go to Gtk/samples and look at test.pl

in the Glade-perl distribution there is a small sample in the Example

there is a useful tutorial for gtk-perl at 

there is also a gtk-perl mailing list at gnome.org

have fun,


klaus mader-amort edv dekra de wrote:

dear ???,

i am a bloody beginner with perl and glade - i thought (well, not realy
..) it would be easier to start developing gnome-apps with the support
of a gui-tool like glade. after the adventure installing gtk-perl and
glade-perl i was verry happy: didnt recieve longer the
glade-error-message concerning the glade2perl-script. but now:

how can i see my gui running - just naked as it is, with no funktion? is
there anywhere an example of raw glade-generated perl-code and the
dokumentation of the acts to be done get the code running?
can any glade-user push me on to become a gnome-perl-glade-communiter?

thanks for any hint(s)

klaus mader-amort
(alternate email: maderamort web de)

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